Sunday, April 19, 2009

sneak pic

Utpal, Babli, Aditya and Nikhil

Dharmendra had to go to the school with some missing papers. It was Sunday and all the kids were busy doing different things. He did manage to find four of them after much effort and they posed for this picture. They are all happy and well and seem to be loving boarding school!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

siesta time

An unexpected visit to the boarding school by one of our staff members caught our kids napping. It was 3 pm and a holiday (Good Friday). It was siesta time for all.





The camera jammed before we could catch Nikhil who was also pretending to be fast asleep!

Monday, April 6, 2009

off to school

Our fantastic five left for school yesterday (6/4/09) morning. It was an overwhelming moment in more ways than one. We were witnessing four little lives making an incredible leap and shattering a glass ceiling. They were leaving one life to embrace another: one that had unlimited possibilities.

The past days had seen hectic activity. Clothes being packed, toiletries tagged, shoes polished! Now everything sat on the dining table stuffed in bags. Morning dawned and everyone had an early bath and wore new clothes. A quick breakfast and then a patient wait for Utpal and Dharmendra who were to come from the women centre. Everyone was nervous. Auntie who had been a mom to the four kids for over a year stoically kept her tears in check. Prabin their beloved and always smiling housemaster looked grim. A simple breakfast of tea and biscuits was eaten in silence. Then the call and it was time to go.

Down the stairs and then down the small street to the waiting cars. The bags were piled up in the boot. Utpal had arrived and being an old hand at such farewells quickly tried to cheer everyone up. Then everyone piled into the waiting cars (there were two as two friends had decided to accompany the kids to school) and it was time to go. Aditya the baby of the group broke into a loud wail, all others were unusually quiet. Slowly the cars moved on and we were left standing on the roadside, eyes moist waving a last bye bye.

see so pictures here

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have all the receipts in PDF files that I am unable to upload on the blog. Should anyone want them please let me know and I will email them.

school and hostel fees

Many of you wanted to know the exact amount of the school and hostel fees. Here is the 2009-2010 schedule:

Was unable to post a better picture. Sorry!