Tuesday, October 20, 2009

back at school

Our fantastic five are back at school. This is a picture of babli, Aditya, Nikhil and Vicky just before they left. You must agree they are looking smart in their brand new clothes!

Monday, October 19, 2009

home for diwali

The children were home for Diwali for three short days. We bought all their winter gear: quilts, warm clothes, caps socks etc. We had a small parent's meeting and asked them to participate in the purchase of the gear even if it was just a token amount. This was because we have felt it was important for the parents to feel included.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

fees paid and winter gear

We paid the terminal fees of all the children. Will post the receipts as soon as I get them. We were also informed about the winter gear that will need to be bought: quilts, warm undergarments and clothes, monkey caps, woolen socks, jackets etc.

We intend asking the parents for a token participation as we feel it is important that they feel included in the education of their children. Let us see how it goes!

and yet another PTM

It was PTM time again. In spite of our informing them, none of the parents turned up. Dharmendra and I played parents parents to all. WE went from class to class to get the results and were once again pleasantly surprised by the proliferation of As and A+s! Nikhil was the only one whose result was not really up to the mark. But no cause to worry!

It was a cloudy day and we sat with the children for a long time juts chatting. It was a wonderful experience and real well deserved time off for me.

You can enjoy some of these moments here: