Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No news is good news

No news is good news is is said. Seems to be spot on for our boarding school stars. Everything is going like a clockwork orange for all of them. They have all adjusted to their new environment and all the fears we all had at some point have vanished. It is with a smile that I remember the long treatise typed on stamped paper the school had made me sign when I got Utpal admitted way back 2006. I guess the school was apprehensive about opening its hallowed gates to a kid born in a slum and with a very dysfunctional family. I guess I too was fearful about how Utpal would be accepted. But it did not take time for both parties - the school and the anxious guardian - to see that all was well. So when the others joined Utpal there was no stamped paper or anxious pangs.

Today the merry 8 are well settled. There are some problems, but the kind all kids have: Yash's naughtiness, Meher's tears or Babli's health. These are tended to without any fuss. The kids are doing well in their studies, some hiccups for some but no cause for worry. Manisha, Yash and Vicky are good at yoga and have participated in many zonal competitions. Utpal participated in his first skating zonal and came 3rd!

In November they all came for their Diwali break and spent the festivities with their families. Then it was back to school with all their winter gear: new shoes - how quickly their feet grow -, their dry cleaned quilts, their warm clothes and bag of toiletries. December is exam time so everyone is back to the grind. We will see them on 31st December when they come for their winter break!

Miss them!

Term payments October to December 2012

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Monday, December 10, 2012


Poor Babli! Just as we all thought she was over all her medical worries cam a bombshell. Her teacher called us to say that Babli seemed to have some spinal problem as she was leaning to one side. We    immediately took action. She was taken out of school and send for tests to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences where she had been operated upon many years ago to rectify a hole in her heart.  She underwent many tests and it was detected that  her rib cage had not been properly stapled during her cardiac surgery and that it had sort of collapsed. This had resulted in acute scoliosis. The remedy was wearing a brace - looks more like a torture implement - for all her waking hours.

The brace is very uncomfortable but Babli is a brave girl! We just hope that it sorts out all issues. Babli misses out on all the sports and dance activities she so loves. Hope things get right sooner than later.