Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taking on a new year


Our exceptional eight are back in school ready to take on a new year. New books, new classes, new projects, new dreams. Wow it all seems so exciting. Before they left they came by home to say goodbye and posed for the usual snapshot. Actually it was much easier to have them all at one place in my home. nornally one spends hours trying to sheperd them in one place during PTMs as there is always one missing. Anyway it was nice to see the excitement and big smiles rather than the wails of yore years

Meher is now in class II. As impish and feisty as ever. Her scars are well healed, her her cut in a swanky new style and determination writ all over her face.

Manisha is all grown up. She too enters class II ans we know she will excel as usual. Her quiet and almost grown up ways are quite endearing

Yash is his naughty self up always excels in class

Aditya is doing well and is now in class III

Vicky is also doing great and is now in class IV

Nikhil is a little slow but is making up

Babli is always one of the toppers of her class!

Utpal now in class V. He is doing great!