Monday, December 10, 2012


Poor Babli! Just as we all thought she was over all her medical worries cam a bombshell. Her teacher called us to say that Babli seemed to have some spinal problem as she was leaning to one side. We    immediately took action. She was taken out of school and send for tests to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences where she had been operated upon many years ago to rectify a hole in her heart.  She underwent many tests and it was detected that  her rib cage had not been properly stapled during her cardiac surgery and that it had sort of collapsed. This had resulted in acute scoliosis. The remedy was wearing a brace - looks more like a torture implement - for all her waking hours.

The brace is very uncomfortable but Babli is a brave girl! We just hope that it sorts out all issues. Babli misses out on all the sports and dance activities she so loves. Hope things get right sooner than later.

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