Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long overdue

This post is long overdue. Mea Culpa. I have not been very present on this blog and the reasons are many: my not so great health, my worries about the future of not only project why but our exceptional eight towards whom we have a long time commitment, our regular funding that does not meet our needs and thus have to be added to every month requiring time and effort. And perhaps last but not the least the fact that our exceptional eight are so well settled in their school that one almost forgets to write about them! But that is a lame excuse for all those have made it possible for these children to have a bright future and who we depend on and are beholden to. I assure each and every one that I will not be found lagging again.

The new academic year started well for all our children as they had all surpassed themselves and made it to the next class with honours. Even Nikhil who was lagging a little made a tremendous effort and was back on course. After a month or so they broke for their summer holidays and with summer holidays came holiday home work. As their parents were not in a position to handle the task a teacher was appointed to help them and Nikhil, Aditya, Yash, Vicky and Babli came to the pwhy centre every day till all work and models were completed. Meher went to the village for some time and her home work was completed with the help of the women centre staff.

Utpal who was going through a terrible phase as his mother has vanished and whose guardianship has been given to me had to do with the rusty knowledge of his good old Maam'ji! We also needed the intervention of a child psychiatrist and medication to deal with his problem. Thank God things have fallen in place though he still has therapy sessions.

Holidays were soon over and it was back to school for the children in early July. Every one was thrilled to be back and find their friends. We met them again in August and September and found them happy and safe. The reports of their teachers were glowing and there was no complaint. In October the children came home for Diwali. It was aslo time to gear them for winters. So there was shopping for shoes and toiletries and the old duvets were aired and packed. They are now back in school and will be home again on 31/12 for their winter break.

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