Tuesday, March 20, 2012

End of another school year

Our exceptional eight are back home after their final examinations. On April 2nd, they return to school and to a new class. The older ones will be in class V, just one class away from secondary school! Time has really flown.

The results will be given on the day they return to school. That will also be when new books will be bought and the children will get their summer uniforms. An exciting time for all.

Now they are spending some time with their families before taking on the new challenges that await them.

When I see these kids my heart fills with pride and love. I cannot but wonder what would have been their fate had we not stepped in. Would Babli be selling cold drinks and tobacco products on her father's cart? And Meher would she have been begging on a Delhi crossing holding out her maimed hand? The mere thought is chilling and yet the reality of so many children in India. I only wish we could do more, much more...

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